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Breakfast Club and After School Club

Thorntree Academy Breakfast Club


  • Breakfast Club is FREE and children receive a selection of cereals, yoghurts, fresh fruit, toast and milk
  • Children can arrive in the school playground from 8.00am. Foundation Stage and KS1 children must be supervised by an adult until they enter Breakfast Club
  • Breakfast Club runs from 8.10am – 8.40am when children are taken to class
  • Children must arrive before 8.30am at the latest as the doors to Breakfast Club are closed after that.
  • We expect that children new to Breakfast Club are supported by their parent/carer until they settle and are used to the routines
  • Children in Foundation Stage can access Breakfast Club after one term in school
  • Activities are available to the children after they have finished breakfast.

Behaviour in Breakfast Club


Children are expected to conform to the usual school rules. Failure to do so will mean that sanctions are put in place.

We operate a three strikes and you are out system.


Each time a child misbehaves he/she will be excluded from breakfast club for 5 consecutive school days, this can happen on two occasions, on the third occasion the child will be excluded from Breakfast Club for half a term or 6 weeks depending on the date the exclusion falls. Staff will meet with parents to discuss incidents and to set re-entry dates.


We thank-you for your support and hope you value our Breakfast Club.