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The School Day

Arriving at and Leaving School




In school the morning session begins at 8.45 a.m. The doors to school are opened at 8.40a.m. and children may enter school at this time. Between 8.40a.m. and 8.45a.m. they will be supervised by Teaching Assistants.


School finishes for lunch at 11.45a.m. for Reception children, 12 noon for KS1 and KS2 children.


The afternoon session begins at 12.45p.m. for Reception children and 1p.m for KS1 and KS2. School finishes at 3.15p.m.


In Nursery the morning session begins at 8.40a.m and finishes at 11.45a.m.


The afternoon session begins at 12.15p.m and finishes at 3.15p.m.


Time Keeping


The school is unable to supervise or watch over the safety of children who arrive at school early. Please do not send your children to school before 8.30a.m. unless they are attending Breakfast Club.


Arriving at school late causes difficulties for the class teacher, who must then go over work again, for the secretary who must remark registers and alter dinner numbers, but mostly for your child, who has to enter a class that is already at work. We therefore appreciate your co-operation in ensuring that your child is ALWAYS on time for school, 8.45a.m. for the morning session and 1p.m. for the afternoon session.


If your child is regularly late for school our Parent Support Advisor and Education Welfare Officer will be asked to take appropriate action.


It is also very important that children are collected promptly at 3.15p.m Children in Reception and KS1 will need to be collected each evening at 3.15p.m. by someone over the age of 16. We will not allow children to go with anyone who we believe to be younger. If parents/ carers find this difficult, they should discuss this with the Head Teacher.


Family Holidays


It is important that all children access their full entitlement to school, therefore we ask you to restrict all family holidays to within the school holiday periods.


Holidays taken inside school terms will be marked as unauthorised attendance except in exceptional circumstances.