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English Intent Statement:


We want every child to become a reader, writer and speaker who can confidently express and share their ideas for a variety of purposes to a variety of audiences. We want children to be able to use language as a device to learn and communicate their views and feelings.


At Thorntree Academy, children access an engaging, exciting and innovative English curriculum which enables and empowers their written and oral communication and creativity. Children are presented with opportunity to become articulate writers and speakers, through the use of purposeful language and vocabulary.


By developing every child’s ability to reflect on their own and others’ contributions and the language used, it allows them a greater understanding of the world around them, equipping them with the skills to become lifelong learners.


Reading at Thorntree Academy


Reading is the culture at Thorntree Academy with books being the stars of the show.  Reading lessons take place every day as part of the English curriculum to ensure that they children are on an active journey to become fluent readers who have a passion for books. 



The pages linked below explain our phonic, whole school reading, and vocabulary teaching approaches. 


Writing at Thorntree Academy


Writing lessons take place each morning. Our writing curriculum is based around our class novel.


The writing curriculum enables children to access a progressive range of different text types.


Writing planning is closely linked to our reading curriculum and planned using an S-Plan.